To be honest, years ago I never would have thought I’d end up with a career in fitness. My freshman year of college my diet consisted mostly of candy, Pop Tarts, pizza, diet soda, alcohol and sugary coffee drinks. I didn’t see the inside of a gym ONCE that year. By the time I came home from school in the summer I was miserable about how I looked… I had put on 25 pounds over the course of the year! I started trying to eat better and lose weight but the truth is, I didn’t have a clue about proper exercise and nutrition.

When I went back to school in the fall I started working the front desk at a local gym where I began to learn about strength training and fitness nutrition. The more I learned about fitness the more enthralled I was by it. I poured over books about nutrition and fitness magazines like Oxygen Magazine, Muscle & Fitness Hers, and Fitness Rx for Women… I wanted to look like those women: strong, sexy, and FIT!

I eventually decided to pursue my new interest and got certified to become a personal trainer. As soon as I began training clients I knew I had found my calling in life! There is nothing more satisfying than helping a person change their life- gaining strength and confidence, making goals a reality and improving their health and overall quality of life.

Having found my passion in fitness I wanted to excel in the business. I felt that as a trainer I wanted to have the kind of body that people would see and think “I want to train with HER!” So I set a goal- compete in a local Figure competition in the spring of 2010. I trained and dieted for six months and competed at my first competition in April of 2010. I placed second to last that day but it didn’t matter- I was hooked! In 2011 I switched over to competing in the NPC Bikini Division, which was a much better fit for me.

Competing has changed my life in so many positive ways. I have a new found confidence that has come from knowing I stayed the course- pushed through physical and mental adversities, avoided temptation and never gave up when things got difficult.

Competing launched me further into the exciting world of fitness and fitness modeling. In July of 2012 one of my dreams came true when I was signed as an official endorsed MET-Rx Athlete. I was honored to represent the company for 3 years, and experienced a lot of career highlights with the brand, including being published in a national ad campaign.

In June of 2014 I decided to step away from competing for health reasons, and turned to focus solely on building my business and my brand. I was thrilled to release my first eBook in November of 2014: The Justine Fit Recipe Book, a project I am very proud of.  My Mom and I worked together to create the book, which features 55 “fitness-friendly” recipes ranging from pancakes to pasta, cookies to cheesecake! We created the book to show people eating right does NOT need to mean eating bland, boring food.

In 2015 I was extremely honored to become a qualified NPC Judge. I judged my first competition in June of 2015, in my home state of Wisconsin. Judging has been an amazing experience for me so far- it is so rewarding to give back to the sport and help new competitors. I look forward to judging shows and being involved in the sport for years to come.

In addition to being a NESTA Certified Personal Trainer, I also hold nutrition certifications from both the ISSA and Precision Nutrition. I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and my background in human behavior and body image issues ties right in with the work I do with my clients. In early 2012 I started my own business of Personal Training and Nutritional Coaching, which became JustineFit, LLC in 2013. I work with clients both in-person and online, through customized fitness programs, to help them reach a variety of goals including weight loss, gaining muscle, improving health and preparing for competitions. I love what I do, and my goal is to to expand my business to reach the largest audience possible.

I am very grateful that fitness has given me the ability to connect with so many amazing individuals and continues to bring new opportunities every day. I thank God for blessing me with a healthy mind and body which allows me to do what I love, my amazing Mom and Dad who are truly my best friends, and so many wonderful friends, family members, clients and fans who inspire me to give 110% to all I do and move forward every day. I believe that with hard work, determination, kindness towards others and a positive attitude dreams can come true!