I started implementing my online programs over 3 years ago to give me the ability to work with clients all over the world and to accommodate a higher demand for my services. The online programs have an extremely high success rate, which I attribute to the detailed instructions on how to work towards your goals 24/7 (as opposed to traditional training, 1-3 hours per week with your trainer).

All programs are customized for YOUR individual needs, according to fitness level, goals, schedule, lifestyle, food preferences, allergies or sensitivities. Progress updates including pictures, weight and measurements are to be sent weekly or bi-weekly, according to the package you select, so that I can make adjustments to your plan as needed. With the initial enrollment you will receive valuable information and tips on how to succeed with your fitness goals, including ideal food choices, tips for grocery shopping, and tips for cooking and preparing your food. You will also receive unlimited guidance and support as you work toward your fitness goals.

I recommend that any individual interested in the online fitness programs have some previous knowledge and background experience with exercise for proper form and basic exercises.

All meal plans and training programs are updated on a monthly basis, based on progress. Programs are sent out on Fridays, to be started the following Monday. Progress updates must be sent no later than 12AM ET the Wednesday prior to your update in order to receive your new program. Progress updates sent after Wednesday will be pushed back one week. Monthly program updates will NOT be sent out without a progress update.

All payments are made through PayPal, on a monthly subscription basis. Late payments may result in a delay in monthly updates. Monthly updates will not be sent out if payment does not go through.


Level Price  
90-Day Total Transformation Package $1,197.00 now. Select
Personalized Training Package - Month-to-Month $147.00 per Month. Select
Personalized Training Package - 6 Months $618.00 now. Select
21-day Reset $197.00 now. Select