You may have seen on my social media I spent last week in Dallas at a Health Coaching Conference (it was a total game changer!)

This Monday I’m heading to Phoenix for Thanksgiving, then 2 MORE trips to follow in the upcoming weeks… so this topic is definitely on my mind right now!!

I get asked this question often: How do you stay on track with health goals while traveling?

Here are a few of my healthy travel tips:

Pack Healthy Snacks. The last thing you want is to be stranded in an airport or on a plane feeling famished, with no healthy options.  I always pack the following: raw almonds, raw cashews, Ostrim high protein snacks, MRM Veggie Elite protein powder (either in packets, or I will put a scoop into a shaker cup so I can fill it with water or almond milk anytime, anywhere!), and all-natural, low-sugar protein bars (I like Bulletproof, Quest Bars and No-Cow Bars).

Get A Workout In AND Explore The City! Walking, jogging, hiking or taking a class at a local studio is an awesome way to explore a new place.  Scope out the best trails or classes ahead of time and schedule them into your trip.

Stay Hydrated. I find it is really easy to get dehydrated while traveling.  Aim to drink MORE water than usual so you can flush out excess sodium from eating out, and water retention from flying.  I recommend bringing a water bottle with you so you can fill up as much as possible.

Do-Anywhere Workouts!  No hotel gym? No problem.  This past week when I was in Dallas I used a (free!) Timer App on my phone and a small space (no equipment!) to get a killer full body workout in. I set the timer for intervals of 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off… then did a series of squats, lunges, push ups, planks, burpees, & core exercises to get an awesome HIIT workout done in less than 30 minutes. Tip: write out 8-10 exercises to go through, then run through the entire list 3 times (for 3 “circuits”).

Boost Your Immune System. We are more susceptible to getting sick when we are traveling.  To keep my immune system strong I sip on MRM Immune Sport drink daily during trips.  It comes in single serving packets so its super convenient to pour it into a water bottle when you’re on-the-go.  Its chockfull of vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system (hint: these are like Emergen-C without the nasty, harmful artificial sweeteners… sucralose = yuck!)

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Pick & Choose When To Indulge.  Okay, so what’s a vacation without a getting to sample some of the local flavor??  I’m a foodie, so I’m all for enjoying yourself- but in moderation, so you don’t come back from a trip feeling crummy about yourself and like you need a “detox” or “cleanse.”  When you make healthy choices a lifestyle, you can get away with some indulging, because you consistently make choices to balance it out.

I’ll usually go for a healthy breakfast and lunch, then maybe indulge a little at dinner… Mexican food and sushi are favorites, and I do love my beer, wine and margaritas.  If I’m having I’ll skip dessert, or maybe have a side salad instead of fries, or if I’m ordering a craft beer I’ll choose a low carb meal option.  Its all about balance and portion control.  Enjoy every bite but then stop when you’re full so you feel satisfied, not uncomfortably stuffed!!



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