“I Am The Sum Of My Small Steps.”

Want to lose 7 lbs of fat in 2 days?!  Hey, me too.  Get in line.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. In fact, LIFE doesn’t work that way. 😐✋🏼

Our present situation is rarely defined by one big moment or decision… But rather by the thousands of tiny choices we make every waking moment of each day, compounded over time.

Think of it this way: Do you wish you had more upper body strength, or more defined, toned arms?  How long does it take you to do 15 push ups (any level)??  45-60 seconds MAX? No big deal, right? 🤔

What if you had done 15 push ups every morning for the past YEAR?  What would that look like, and feel like, 5475 push ups later?

That small habit, which takes less than a minute of your day, would lead to a BIG pay off.  Now multiply that by 5 years, 10 years… you get the picture. 💪🏼😉

Same as if you had saved just $20 a week for the past 10 years… $20 on a weekly basis wouldn’t be THAT difficult to part with… So no big deal, right?  But compounded over 10 years that equals $10,400, which is kind of a big deal for most of us!!

Lean or overweight, successful or struggling, happy & fulfilled or riddled with anxiety, healthy or strained relationships… EVERY factor in our life is the result of our ACTIONS and CHOICES day in and day out.  We are the sum of our small steps.

You can put this principle to work FOR you by examining your current habits and making changes.

So for example, if your goal is fat loss, start by making a list of 3-5 current habits that you can improve on. Maybe 1. Is to do 10 extra minutes of exercise per day, 2. Cut out that sugary coffee or energy drink each day, 3. Drink 2 extra glasses of water daily, and so on… examine your CURRENT lifestyle and see where you can realistically improve.  Write it down. Then STICK WITH IT, every day.  That’s the key.

It takes time, discipline and patience to make changes but remember YOU are ALWAYS in CONTROL of your behavior and daily actions!!

You can apply this to principle to any goal or any area of your life.  Our daily habits and small choices create the body, relationships, finances and LIFE we ultimately live with.  Choose wisely.



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