Today I come bearing GREAT news…

If you think you have to cut your carbs to have a fit, lean body you are mistaken.

I, like many others, used to be extremely carb-phobic. I thought fat-loss and a low-carb diet went hand-in-hand, but numerous scientific reviews in the past few years have proven quite the opposite is true.

When I start working with new clients they are often overjoyed to find out they are NOT forbidden from breads, pastas and other carb-tas-tic goodies.

Once they get results while still enjoying LOTS of carbs, they feel empowered and triumphant- knowing their low-carb, bread-less, sorrowful dieting days are over for good!!!

Studies prove the right kinds of carbohydrates can actually help you lose fat and stay slim for life!

Here is why…

Carbohydrates are our bodies preferred source of energy and play an important role in maintaining a healthy metabolism, hormonal balance and stable blood sugar levels.

Low-carb diets can lead to muscle loss, causing a significant decrease in metabolic rate. Training while glycogen-depleted (from a deficit of carbs) will cause the body to turn to dietary protein and your own muscle to fuel activity. This is the very LAST thing you want when you’re trying to get a toned, lean physique.

Carbs are also more satisfying than proteins and fats- reducing cravings and the urge to overeat.  

Researchers found that dieters’ cravings diminished greatly or went away within just TWO days of switching from a low-carb diet to an approach with generous amounts of carbs and fiber. This is because carbs increase levels of satiety hormones, sending signals to the brain to stifle hunger.

The right mix of carbs is also the best approach to prevent diabetes and control blood sugar… 

Have you ever felt nauseous and/ or lightheaded from a workout? That’s caused by LOW blood sugar levels.  

Our blood sugar levels actually drop when we exercise, so carbohydrates pre- and post-workout are essential to staying healthy AND getting a good workout!

The key to maintaining stable blood sugar is to PAIR the carbohydrates with proteins and fats so you do not have a spike in insulin levels.  For example: an apple with a protein shake, ezekiel bread topped with cottage cheese, a rice cake with almond butter, or plain Greek yogurt with berries.

Carbs are not all created equal. Opt mostly for carbohydrates rich in nutrients like: brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, quinoa, popcorn, leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes and whole grain or sprouted grain breads and wraps.

However I am a FIRM believer in a “flexible” approach to eating- allowing 10-20% of all calories to come from “fun” food sources. (Like that occasional donut or slice of white bread at the restaurant.)

Carb-phobia can take time to break. If you are currently on a low-carb diet I recommend slowly building up your metabolic capacity by increasing carbs gradually… part of what’s called “reverse dieting.”

If you need help with a nutrition plan or systematically increasing your carb intake, I’d love to help. I LOVE helping clients reach their goals through a healthy & realistic approach.
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